I am A. Ismail a computer engineer, working as a full-stack developer. Over the past five years, I have sharpened my experience in creating web solutions. My fingers got used working with TypeScript, Nodejs, Express, Meteorjs, and Vuejs. I am also an Open-Source creator and maintainer.


Full-Stack Developer

- KnawatIstanbul, TurkeyFeb 2019 - Present
  • Working mainly on a microservices dropshipping platform, which handles millions of requests, from thousands of e-commerce stores.
  • Led the development team acting being the team scrum-master
  • Refactored the core application dashboard, from Meteor Blaze to use Vue.js framework.
  • Created a Cordova mobile app that helped in increasing successful orders.
  • Built the suppliers portal, which decreases products validating time and effort.
  • Collaborated with designers’ team to Enhance dashboard UI/UX.
  • Created the company’s drop-shipping API Nodejs package.
  • Reduced deploying/testing time by implementing CI/CD using Bitbucket pipelines.
  • Integrated the platform with payment gateways like PayPal and PayTR.
  • Integrated platform with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, and WooCommerce, etc...
Leveraged knowledge:

Vue, React, Meteorjs, Cordova, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, Node.js, Express, Moleculerjs Microservices, Kubernetes, Docker, Redis, Jest, Tailwind, git-flow, Google Tag Manager, and JIRA.

Front-End Developer

- BaianatNew Damietta, EgyptFeb 2017 - Jan 2019
  • Developed a complex tool to interactively create content-rich articles.
  • Developed the code part of the company's design system.
  • Developed open-source Vuejs components, considering BEM methodologies best practices. To be used in the company clients’ solutions, as Author and maintainer.
  • Created a custom front-end framework (Blexar), to be used in company clients’ solutions.
  • Led the front-end team delivering web solutions for clients.
Leveraged knowledge:

Stylus, Pugjs, Vue, Angular, JavaScript ES6+, SSR, Nuxt.js, PWA, Webpack, Rollup, BEM, SVG animation, Canvas API, and npm.

Front-End Developer

- Kite.agencyCairo, EgyptJul 2015 - Mar 2017
  • Delivered responsive web sites for several clients. working from designs delivered in Photoshop and Prototyping software
  • Created responsive email templates that worked across desktop, mobile, and web clients.
Leveraged knowledge:

HTML, CSS, Stylus, Less, Sass, Scss, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Gulp, Grunt, Smarty, Laravel, and Blade.

Passion Projects


- Vuejs plugin

Vuse provides the necessary tools to easily create an interactive page builder powered with Vuejs framework.


- Web Tool

Loopcv collects millions of job postings, matches the user profile and applies on his behalf.


- Vuejs component

A customizable high-performance accessible carousel slider component, optimized for Vue.


Port-Said University, Faculty of Engineering, class 2017
Electrical Engineering
Computer and Control
CS Coursework:
Embedded Systems, Circuits, Logic Design, Signal Processing, and Image Processing.
EE Coursework:
Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Database Design, AI, and Computer Vision.


HTML via Pugjs, CSS, Stylus / Sass, JavaScript / ES6+, TypeScript, Vuejs, React, Version control (Git), Webpack, Rollup, Tailwind CSS, Nuxt.js, Gridsome, Bulma/Bootstrap, Meteor.js, Node.js, Moleculerjs, Micro Services, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL, Service Workers

Performance, SVG Animation, Design Patterns, Accessibility / A11y, BEM Methodologies, WCAG, Git flow Methodologies