I'm Abdelrahman Ismail, a full-stack engineer, writer, and pro gamer.

Abdelrahman Ismail


I am Ab. Ismail, I work as a full-stack engineer. Over the past six years, I have sharpened my experience in creating web solutions using cutting-edge technologies. I can say that I am a Vuejs expert, as I have been using it since its early stages. I have also great experience in back-end developments using Nodejs, Typescript, and GoLang.


JavaScript / ES6+, TypeScript, golang, Vuejs, React, Version control (Git), Webpack, Rollup, Tailwind CSS, Nuxt.js, Gridsome, Bulma/Bootstrap, Pact (contract testing), Jest/Mocha (unit testing), Meteor.js, Node.js, Moleculerjs, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Docker, Micro Services, Service Workers

Complete RΓ©sumΓ©


Vuejs plugin

Vuse provides the necessary tools to easily create an interactive page builder powered with Vuejs framework.

Vue3 Carousel

Vuejs component

A customizable high-performance accessible carousel slider component, build for Vue 3.


Web Tool

Loopcv collects millions of job postings, matches the user profile and applies on his behalf.


Vuejs component

A customizable high-performance accessible carousel slider component, optimized for Vue.


CSS Components Library

An open-source CSS components library based on Flexbox. Blexar built to give maximin usability in small places, with a stunning designed component.

CSS Abuse

It’s all about CSS. All authors here either forgot to use JavaScript or they had disabled it in their browser and can not enable it back again; so they had to finish the job using only pure CSS.

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CSS percentage unit, the evil parts

It should be one of the easiest CSS concepts to understand, the percentage CSS data type represents a percentage value, a percentage is a ratio expressed as a fraction of 100, so it has to do some calculations to get the final computed(absolute) value.

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Quick CSS Quiz Series

CSS might be a total mystery to you or a topic that’s near and dear to your heart. Whether you think of CSS as a "necessary evil" or think of it as the power to control the world of technology, CSS is a must-have for anyone working on web applications.

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Use JavaScript Optional Chaining, Today!

Optional Chaining is a new JavaScript API that will make developers' lives easier :D. Optional Chaining is currently at Stage 3 and soon enough will be part of the language itself, but we can use it, today.

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Use SVG icons with Vue.js

Many developers prefer to use the font-icons over the SVG ones because it has a simpler syntax, and it integrates seamlessly with almost any front-end component library. In this article, I will try to demonstrate the technics I follow to make it easily to SVG icons.

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