AI-Powered Tools to Get Your Next Software Job Offer

Finding your perfectly-fit job should not be rocket science, especially for the new job seekers. There are lots of articles that explain how to write a killer technical resume, I will focus here on the tools that could help you build your resume, audit it, and automate the job-searching-process.

Create a Resume

If you are using Microsoft Word for creating your resume, I can't judge you (I used to use HTML and CSS for mine), but come on... there are hundreds of tools online to finish this task for you already with great results, and here is some:


If you already have a LinkedIn portfolio (which you should have Mr. πŸ€“), you can extract your data into a resume file. To access the resume builder:

  • Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click View profile.
  • Click the More… button in the introduction card.
  • Select Build a resume from the dropdown.
  • Edit the content then save it as a pdf


If you’d like to have a more vivid resume with more design details, Canva will perfectly suit your needs. With a variety of pre-made resume designs that you can pick from.

Canav resume templats

Canva Resume Templates


Zety is a great website if you're focusing only on the resume details and don't like to get involved with the design headache.

The best thing about Zety is that it has a wizard that takes you through several steps to generate your resume, and each step gives you suggestions and tips which are extremely helpful. Another great thing I really liked; you can fill the data with your current resume or start from scratch.

Unfortunately, they don't have a free option to download your resume 😒. But, I think $2.70 is a good deal compared to the service you will get.

Resume Lab

Resume Lab is another great platform that focuses on create Resumes, CVs, and covers letters. They also have A fully complementary blog with over 250+ custom-tailored career guides and white-paper studies.

Their system has a unique feature, which compares your resume's strength to other resumes in real-time.

Audit Your Resume

The fastest way to improve your chances of being accepted on the job is to have artificial intelligence on your side.


Grammarly without saying is your superhero; it can save you from embarrassing situations, such as sending your profile with a typo or a grammatical error. You can use it to audit your resume writing tone and grammar.

Their monthly subscription costs A LOT, but for one who is not working as a copywriter, the free plan is more than enough.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform that provides you with detailed feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile. It gives you some free hints to improve it, and they promise you that finding your dream job is certain and they may be right.

I gave it a try myself; I thought that my resume should get high results, but out of 100, I got only 61. I have a lot of things to improve here.

It tested my resume data in four domains: impact, brevity, style, and skills and it gave specific details on points of strength and weakness, and how you can improve it.

Alt Text

Resume Worded analysis

Searching for the perfectly-fit software engineering job over dozens of working websites is time consuming stressful work. LoopCV thought they could save your time and efforts, and automate this whole process because modern problems require modern solutions.

Modern problems require modern solutions

Modern problems require modern solutions


LoopCV collects millions of job postings, from most jobs websites all over the internet.

You upload your resume and define your job's top preferences you are looking for. And here comes the magic: they match your profile with all the posts, and they start sending emails on behalf of you to each job that matches you. You can change your preferences, try different templates, and make the job search fun.

In the dashboard, you can see the emails you sent, the open rates, and more. You can even create A/B testing for different emails.

What drives me crazy, is the fact that the system is smart enough that it could fill the job forms from your resume data. 🀯

LoopCV dashboard

LoopCV dashboard

You can create a free loop now, hunting a specific job title, with no hidden fees.

After using LoopCV, post your experience on trustpilot, and mention your recommendations if you have any.

Final Thoughts

Finding a new job is for sure a hard task, for both the developer and the recruiter, but you can reduce the efforts, and work smart not hard; by using tools that help you achieve your target. And good luck with finding your dream job!

Now that you may have benefited from those tools, please add in the comments below your experience, and any other tools that are related to this post. πŸ€“πŸ‘‡